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Many Wonder if Social Media Affects SEO

Social media management is a major part of any digital marketing campaign, but how much does a social profile really affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?


According to Google, not all that much. In fact, many SEO experts will tell you to focus more on website content as you develop your digital marketing strategy. This doesn’t mean that you should abandon your social media profiles when it comes to SEO. Social profiles and people’s reaction to what you post does seem to have a small effect on search engine rankings; it’s just not entirely clear how much of an impact that they have. While they may not have a huge impact on SEO, your social media profiles, posts and engagement WILL send a lot of traffic to your site if managed well, which turns into sales for your company.

Social media doesn’t appear to affect Google search rankings directly, but it does affect ranking factors that Google’s algorithm take into consideration. For example, a post on your Facebook page won’t affect your SEO in itself if it only contains a text update about your business. However, links and videos that are posted will be more likely to show up in a Google search, especially if those links are to a site that sees a lot of traffic. The number of times your social media posts are shared also seems to affect your SEO, if only because your posts become more visible.


Keep in mind that this only applies to Google; social media posts have a much bigger effect on Bing searches. The only problem with this is that most casual computer users only seem to know about Google when it comes to search engines. It’s why “Googling” has become a catch-all verb referring to any online search. On the other hand, Bing search engine results will still get people to your websites and social media profiles, so they shouldn’t be ignored and should be a part of your online marketing efforts. Sharing relevant and valuable information through your social accounts will grow your followers, increase your website traffic and keep you in people’s minds when they do need your products or services.

So yes, social media does affect your SEO and should be considered in your digital marketing campaigns. It might not have as much of an impact as you might think, but it still increases your online presence and should never be ignored. A good Grass Valley SEO service will certainly help you optimize your social profiles, but there are still some things that you should be doing. First of all, make sure that all of your social profiles are up to date and reflect the state of your business. Next, post regularly. Even if regular Facebook and Instagram posts don’t have much of an impact on your search engine rankings, they still increase your visibility. Finally, optimize your website content for social sharing. This includes encouraging others to share your content on social media with a call to action as well as including social accounts linked on your website.

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