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Why Digital Marketing is So Important in 2020

Marketing has always been an important aspect of growing a business. Digital marketing has been growing in popularity for years as well. What no one foresaw coming was a global pandemic that would cause so much of the United States and the world to shut down. People around the world were confined to their homes. People were afraid to go out even for essential items and most took to online ordering whenever possible to get what they wanted to purchase.

In California, through the phases of re-opening the economy, many businesses were allowed to re-open and then many were shut down again. What this continues to mean is more people than ever are sitting at home on their computers and phones for entertainment and shopping purposes. This is why investing in Nevada City digital marketing is a key part of the success of your business. 

A CMO Survey conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business reports that the percentage of overall budgets that companies spend on marketing across U.S. companies rose from 11.3% in January to 12.6% in May. (The highest in 10 years of the yearly survey)

Having a presence on Google and an updated Google listing is imperative in today’s world. When someone searches for your type of business on Google, you want to show up. Building your online followers, engaging with them and keeping them up to date with what your company is up to has become more important than ever. While people are scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest, you want them to know you care about them and their experience during these challenging times. Offer valuable content that will help them in their life with what they care about. With things changing week to week, letting them know updated business hours or new ways to purchase while following guidelines for safety is important. 

If you are a restaurant and can post your daily menu offerings online, people are more likely to come by for curbside pickup. Posting a daily sale on seasonal items that you deeply discount for just the day is also a good idea. Offer tips and tricks in the arena that your company specializes in to help empower people during a time of much worry and concern and isolation for many. 

It is about building your following, adding value and staying engaged and connected to people right now. And staying in front of them with what you offer so when they want to purchase what you offer, they trust and choose you. 

Are You Interested in Nevada City Marketing Services?

If you would like to beef up your marketing and are looking for Nevada City marketing services, we are here to help. We offer marketing, SEO and website building services. We can tailor a package to suit your needs. Give us a call to discuss your vision today. 

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