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Having Problems Finding Your Website Through Google Search?

If you are having trouble finding your website on Google, so are others. We live in an online world where most people have cell phones computers and use them as their main tools for information. We check our social media accounts and access the internet frequently. People use Google search for information about products and services, they check on flights, look for details about books, movies, restaurants, and other entertainment. They seek an almost endless array of answers to questions, shopping information, insights about people, reviews of companies and so much more.

But if your business or any other enterprise can’t be found in Google search, it is essentially invisible, like it doesn’t even exist. That’s when the Grass Valley marketing service experts can be a real asset. Here at 49er Online Marketing, we know that “It doesn’t matter how pretty your website is, if no one can find it!”

Why is Google Search Important?

There are other search engines, but Google has the largest share of internet search with its industry-leading search rules (algorithms.) Google has robust features including the answer box, “people also ask” feature, map pack, knowledge panel, and Google My Business tool. Google offers trusted search results that are used to know things and get things done. To get effective Google search results, it may be time to call the Grass Valley marketing professionals.

Why Your Page May be Missing from Google Search

Google finds or indexes information by page, not by a website entity. So, if your website pages can’t be found in Google search, turn to the Grass Valley website design pros to get your enterprise found. These may be the reasons that your page (and all pages) may be missing:

  • Your website may not have a sitemap that tells Google which pages are important on your site and where to find them.
  • You may have blocked Google from indexing your pages by using codes that can’t be indexed.
  • You may be blocking Google from crawling your pages by using blocked URLs.
  • You don’t have enough quality backlinks.
  • You have created a problem by duplicating content.
  • Your website has some Google penalties.

How to Get Found in Google Search

Optimizing search, known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a key strength of the Grass Valley SEO experts. Steps to being found start with doing keyword research to identify the words and phrases that customers and searchers will use to find you. Then, keyword-rich content is created that is relevant and useful. Next, off-page elements of SEO are developed.

Get Help from Grass Valley Marketing Experts

Contact 49er Online Marketing, providing web design, SEO, and online marketing services to clients from the Bay Area to the Grass Valley foothills and beyond. We are the Grass Valley website design and SEO experts. We build websites that work and relationships that last.

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