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SEO is the Way to Go for 2021 and Beyond

2020 was the year for ultimate creativity in business and our lives in general. The ever changing rules on being open, staying open, shutting down…etc.. has had business owners jumping through hoops to stay afloat. At the beginning of the year when the pandemic hit, many businesses cut their marketing and advertising dollars first. That turned out to be a big mistake for some. Part of a successful Auburn online marketing plan is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And when done correctly can actually save a company a lot of money on advertising dollars. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why SEO is so important to stay on top of and not give up on during this pandemic. 

SEO is a Long Term Strategy

When beginning an Auburn SEO strategy, you will get some pretty instant results when working with a talented SEO strategist. But it is not a quick fix by any means. The efforts put in over time build on themselves and consistency is key. Those that halted their efforts are paying the price months later for those who continued their efforts. Now is a great time to continue or start your SEO efforts to stay ahead of those that have chosen otherwise. Sowing the seeds now will pay off greatly in 2021. 

More People are Staying Local

With travel and movement around even our own cities and counties restricted, the highlight is definitely on local businesses. More and more people are concerned with shopping local and supporting their local business owners in staying in business. There has been a large growth in the search terms “near me” since the pandemic started so including that in your SEO terms will help your business get in front of your local consumers. Google My Business is a great tool for getting in front of your locals and being sure your SEO terms are weaved into your listing in a way that works. 

SEO Can Save You Money Right Now

Most businesses need to cut cost right now. It’s a smart thing to do when done smartly. Advertising can be very expensive depending on the type of business you have. The “big dogs” are going to beat out any small business in spend ability. SEO is a good alternative for businesses to focus on right now to keep your business in front of people. And with the results being long term, they don’t stop after your ad dollars stop, especially if you continue to put time and energy into your strategy. So, in the short term and long term, it can save you money. 

People are Shopping Online More than Ever

We have all been a bit device addicted for a long time. Now though, more than ever, people are on devices and shopping online. It’s convenient and safer in their mind than going out. So, making sure you come up on that Google or Yahoo search for your type of business in your area is very important. If more people can find you, more people will purchase your products or services.

The bottom line is that if people cannot find you, then they cannot buy from you. If you have a business that people a mile away from you cannot find online, they will likely go somewhere else that they see online. Google searches are how most people find a place to shop. SEO is how you get found online without spending a lot of money in advertising. Pair that with a good social media strategy where you provide them with valuable content and you will attract customers for life. This is a sound and cost effective strategy for these times. Years ago the people that began their SEO strategies now dominate organic search and they thought they were falling behind because they didn’t have the ad dollars to spend to compete with larger companies. The choices we make now create our future success. 

Looking for Help with Your Auburn Marketing and SEO Strategy?

If you are looking to improve your Auburn marketing and SEO strategies to bring in more business, we are here to help. Give us a call to discuss your goals and we will come up with a comprehensive plan to support you. A marketing staff is expensive and we are a cost effective alternative to hiring a full time staff. Give us a call to learn more. 


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