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You Keep Hearing About SEO, What is It?

Raise your hand if you’re not entirely sure what SEO is but don’t want to admit it.

No? That’s OK – you’re in good company. Although most of us know that SEO is some kind of ‘Internet marketing thing’ which we’ve been told we’re supposed to doing more of, the actual principles and techniques involved sometimes seem a bit hazy.  

But this dynamic is actually part of the skill and the art that is modern Search Engine Optimization, a strategy that helps a business’ site be seen more often when people look for information about a particular topic.

Using SEO correctly can help your page come up sooner in search results and ultimately increase your traffic.

There are some easy techniques everyone can try, and some more exotic or highly technical and obscure ones are less known and less frequently utilized.

It’s true that the ‘rules’ change often as search engines modify their parameters and algorithms about how they determine placement of keywords or pages. There are also consultants who are good at helping companies come up with the most current and effective methods to help a business be seen well and attract just the right audience and get them to open their wallets.

In some cases it makes more sense for a busy company to outsource these services to an Auburn SEO specialist  that only focuses on SEO items.  

Those seeking to learn more about SEO can adopt some of these strategies.

  • Pay attention to the ‘behind the scenes’ items. There are some mechanical matters that must be done correctly, such as meta tags (short words or phrases that describe what is on a page). Your site speed is also important – viewers might not stick around on if your site is slow to load.
  • Pay attention to look. Getting input about the look and feel of your site is also critical. An Auburn web design firm may be able to give pointers in what visual elements are appealing and which ones aren’t that exciting – this can be anything from colors or combinations of colors to the number or positions of photos. Even though some of the perception may be subtle, it can affect whether people stick around or don’t come back.
  • Pay attention to content. Are you giving people interesting things to read, learn and share? Is there always new posts or info being added? Is it easy to get to access “classic” content (old posts) for people when discovering your site for the first time? Is it a site you’re happy to tell friends and colleagues about?

Do You Want to Learn More About How SEO Can Help Your Business?

Focusing on SEO needs to be priority as a company grows. For more useful SEO and marketing tools, strategies, and services, call 49er Online Marketing. We are happy to help!


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