Tips for Restaurants for Grass Valley online marketing

Are You Properly Using Grass Valley Online Marketing?

Chances are your customers are looking for your restaurant on social media. They might be checking reviews or trying to get an idea of the atmosphere before they visit. Your restaurant needs to be using social media to target both locals and tourists. But just posting pictures and memes isn’t enough in the modern Grass Valley online marketing climate. You need a strategy and goals. Here are some tips to help beat the social media marketing game.

Professional Pictures

Restaurants know that people eat with their eyes. If your photos on social media aren’t pristine, polished and professional, you’ll likely lose customers. Create beautiful content that is sharable and enticing.

Encourage Customer Engagement on Social Media

You want likes, shares, and comments from your followers to boost your post. Get customer engagement though quizzes, polls and CTAs. Tell your followers to share their meal on social media. Ask followers to vote for a favorite dish. Run a competition on social media to get people to come visit your restaurant. Don’t overdo.

Give Customers Easy Access to Reservations and Your Menu

Use the resources that social media offers and link to your reservation platform. Post your menu online. Fill in your entire profile on Facebook or Twitter. This makes it easier for people to find you when they are searching for restaurants.

Give Customers an Incentive to Leave a Review

Your customers read your reviews before they visit. You need to get reviews, not just on Facebook, but on the popular restaurant sites. It’s going to take dozens, if not hundreds of reviews to convince customers to come in. Many customers have good intentions to leave a review but it’s easy to forget when they get home. Offer a good inducement to help them follow through.

Deal With Bad Reviews

Face it, you’re not going to please everyone 100% of the time. You’re going to need a plan to manage bad reviews. Not only could you win back the customer by asking for another chance, you also let potential customers know that you’re going to correct problems. A professional Grass Valley digital marketing team can take care of this for you as a part of their service.

Use Hashtags

Learn to use hashtags to reach people who are looking for food. You may need to do some research to find trending hashtags for your business, but it will pay off.

Work with a Grass Valley Digital Marketing Team!

Grass Valley SEO companies can help you pinpoint goals and devise a strategy that fits your restaurant. Casual, fast food cuisine will need a different strategy than an upscale steakhouse. Being a restaurant owner or manager is a full time job. Allow experts in this field to take this off your plate. Contact 49er Online Marketing to discuss how we can help you grow your business.  (530) 423-6279

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