10 Ways to Grow Your Business With Blogging

There are hundreds of thousands of websites competing for attention. The average prospect is bombarded daily with information in the form of blog posts. Effective web design needs to include a blog page. But, how do you get your blog noticed? Here are the ten best blog marketing practices to help you grow your business online.

  1. Optimize Your Posts

Traffic flows from searches for targeted keywords. Make sure you or your company’s website designers include all relevant keywords in specific areas of your posts, e.g., title, opening paragraph, and conclusion.

  1. Write a Tutorial

A guide or tutorial is indispensable in providing information, and your blog should promote it. Don’t weigh your audience down by just copying your guide into one post. Split it up into interesting segments and write about each one separately.

  1. Highlight Your Top Customers

Spotlighting your major customers in your posts will inspire confidence in the value of your product. This strategy will also reveal the people side of your business and help build deeper connections with your audience.

  1. Publish Guest Posts

Your posts need to contain engaging and thought-provoking content. Guest posting will help build your credibility and enhance the value of your brand. It shows that your brand is worth writing for.

  1. Collect Info from Experts

Set up interviews with professionals or niche authorities in your field. Maybe invite them to answer questions to some trending but controversial issues. Transcribe video interviews into blog posts or embed links to interview videos on YouTube.

  1. Promote a New Product Launch

Use blog post marketing to let your target consumers know about any new product release. Write posts that highlight its best features and include favorable product reviews and a link to a demo video.

  1. Use Special Deals

Informing your audience about your promos is an effective blog marketing strategy. Give your readers surprise discount coupon codes. However, be careful not to be too “sales-y” in blog marketing.

  1. Make Comments on Other Blogs

Commenting on other people’s blogs and providing backlinks to your website is an excellent blog marketing strategy. It increases the visibility of your blog and encourages more traffic to your website.

  1. Embed Links in Social Media

Embedding links to your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. will merge your social media and content marketing campaigns. Working with a local company can build your website design with social links integrated to connect you to potential clients and the community.

  1. Include Sharing Buttons

To maximize views and readership of your blog, always add share buttons and RSS blog marketing feeds to your posts.

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