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Key Ways to Connect With Your Ideal Target Market on Social Media

If you want to hit something, you need to have a target, right? It is not like the old joke “ready, fire, aim” to be sure! So, let’s look at the key ways you can be successful in targeting your messages on social media. Don’t waste your time and resources just ‘shooting in the wind.’ Ultimately, make sure that the target you develop and the messages that you deliver are all synchronized in your web design, digital marketing and online marketing.

First, “know thyself” as the ancient philosophers stated.

It is most critical to begin by clearly identifying the personality or ‘brand’ of your business. What is the core offering of your business? What makes you different from others who may offer similar products or services? How do you express what your brand represents in a compelling way? Who do you want to appeal to? Better yet, what type of customer are you most able to appeal to?

Second, know the ‘other guys.’

Take a careful look at competitors who may operate in the same or similar space. That will help you clarify your own brand and uniqueness as well as to know what they have done to position and market their brands. Look to see what type of customer they appear to target. How does that match your desires and capabilities? How do they display their brand in their web design and digital marketing? Examine how and with whom they are communicating.

Third, develop a clear definition of your target.

Just like on the target range, the more precise the target, the more precise your aim can be. This goes for your online marketing efforts as well. Look for the ‘bullseye,’ not some fuzzy image to shoot at.

Develop your defined target using these factors:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Location (a big one for sure)—focus where you want to be
  • Level of education
  • Attitudes
  • Income levels
  • What would cause an emotional response

Use an exercise to create an ideal ‘persona’ for your target. For example, “I want to target a red-headed female, age 34, who has two children, one dog, drives a Chevrolet and lives in suburbia.” Your definition will help you frame your message and select your message platforms. Want the younger population? Instagram is your likely first choice. Seeking women who would buy personal or home products? Pinterest may be your best bet. Targeting more of the older population? Facebook is strongly surging in this demographic. Each platform has its profile (and insights) available.

Get Help With Your Website Locally

You can do a lot of this ‘stuff’ yourself, but if you are really serious about building and growing a great brand, get some professional assistance with your communications. You can do this after you have framed-up your brand and target market. Contact 49er Web Design & Marketing HERE for professional assistance with your web design, digital marketing and online marketing. They provide cutting edge online marketing assistance, including websites that work and relationships that last!
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