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Looking to Hire a Marketing Agency?

When your business is looking to hire another company for help, it’s important to ask the right questions. That’s why our Nevada City marketing company has put together this list of questions to ask while selecting an agency to help with your online marketing efforts. By asking these, you can narrow down your options and move toward the right fit.

What Methods Do You Use?

Your business’s goals may affect which marketing methods are ideal for it. As an example, a business looking to gain exposure with local customers may find that targeted Facebook advertising is useful, while one looking to organically raise brand awareness may want to put resources into content marketing. (Many companies benefit from a blend of multiple methods, which is why the packages our Nevada City digital marketing company puts together often blend PPC advertising, SEO, and other approaches.)

Can I See Past Work?

Ask to see examples of past projects; for example, if a company promises to spruce up your website or run a killer PPC campaign, it’ll be helpful to know if they’ve delivered on such promises for past clients.

What Goals Would You Have for My Business?

Before you hire an agency, ask them to make a pitch about what goals they’d set. Goals should be specific; for instance, increasing website traffic by 100% over the next six months is a more specific goal than just increasing website traffic in general.

How Will You Track Progress?

Equally important to setting goals is tracking progress toward those goals. Digital marketing is a highly trackable endeavor, so if an agency can’t tell you how they’ll make sure they meet their goals, consider turning elsewhere. Reporting on results is a key component to a successful marketing plan.

Do You Reach Local Customers?

If your goal is to find local customers, then it’s important to select an agency that has experience in that area. For instance, in Nevada City, online marketing efforts for a restaurant should be targeted at finding people who live in Nevada City or are visiting the area. There are many ways to achieve this and the right marketing experts can get your business in front of local customers.

Who Is the Point of Contact?

No matter which company you choose, you’ll want to know who you’ll be talking to. Unclear chains of communication can easily lead to frustration and subpar results. Beyond having a specific point of contact, also ask if you can talk to members of the team. If a company is reluctant to let you at least briefly speak to the people who will be working on your project, that may be a red flag.

Getting Started with Nevada City Online Marketing

Want to see what a digital marketing package for your business might look like? Please get in touch with us at 49er Online Marketing to learn more! We offer many package options and you will always have a main point of contact. Your marketing manager will also report on results for you on a monthly basis to ensure you know what results we are achieving for you. We look forward to speaking with you and discussing your goals!

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