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Here’s Why Digital Marketing Is So Important

At this stage, digital marketing has been around for a while, but its importance has only grown over time. By reading this article, you’ll learn five reasons why digital marketing is more critical than ever.

1. Online Visibility

The internet is a crowded place, but digital marketing makes it easier for your customers—existing and potential—to find you. For instance, Auburn marketing efforts may help a pet-sitting business in that city stand out from its local competitors by boosting the business’s website’s placement when people search for “Auburn pet sitters.”

2. The Social Media Element

Social media is, unfortunately, an element of marketing that many businesses neglect. A strong digital marketing plan will help your business’s social media presence shine. For instance, well-made Google My Business and Facebook pages give customers easy ways to learn about your company’s offerings.

3. Tracking

Digital marketing’s results are relatively easy to track, as pointed out by the Digital Marketing Institute. That means that your business can launch a strategy, then see what’s working well and what could use improvement. That, in turn, allows for fine-tuning over time, meaning your business will focus its marketing dollars on what works. (If your business hires a digital marketing company, they’ll employ tracking as well.)

4. Customer Experience Improvement

The customer experience is a critical part of making sales and building relationships. There are so many businesses out there that if a customer has one bad experience with a particular company, they have plenty of other options to move on to. That’s why strong digital marketing involves giving customers the best experience possible. For instance, the aforementioned pet-sitting business’s plan may include an Auburn web design package that makes it easy for local customers to find and navigate the business’s website.

5. Remarketing Efforts

Remarketing is the practice of displaying advertisements to customers who have shown interest in your company’s offerings but have not yet actually made a purchase. As an example of this at work: Many times, a customer may put something in their cart and complete most of the checkout process, then abandon the transaction before it’s done. Perhaps they’re waiting for the next paycheck, or perhaps they just got distracted, or perhaps something else is at play. Whatever the reason, remarketing reminds them of their interest in your business, boosting the likelihood they’ll come back and complete the purchase.

Getting Started with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Want to learn more about digital marketing? Contact 49er Online Marketing, an Auburn digital marketing company, to see how our services can meet your business’s unique needs!

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