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How to Find Employees During COVID

As businesses reopen or expand services after drastically reducing them during the worst months of the COVID pandemic, employers are eager to take on more personnel. However, many business owners have had difficulties recruiting new employees, not only because unemployment benefits are currently so high, but also due to the pervasive fear of being exposed to the disease. Here are some recruiting strategies to consider as you attempt to fill vacant job positions during COVID-19.

Clarify Your Company’s Safety Measures

Hesitant job candidates want to be confident that your business has an action plan to protect its employees from COVID-19. To reassure them, as part of your recruitment pitch delineate the precautions that your company is taking such as enhanced cleanliness, a policy of wearing face masks at work, social distancing, and a schedule of staggered shifts to reduce crowding at the workplace. Demonstrate your attentiveness to safety procedures during the interview process by offering to conduct the first interview remotely, having temperature checks, avoiding handshakes, and maintaining a safe distance between interviewer and candidate.

Emphasize the Immediacy of Openings

Some job seekers are actively looking for work and able to jump right in and make a difference. In your postings, emphasize that you have immediate openings available so that these candidates know that you are ready to take on new personnel right away.

Provide Attractive Salaries and Bonuses

Offering a financial incentive is an effective method of luring applicants. This may take the form of a signing bonus, an hourly wage increase, or both. Paying generous salaries to your employees also helps them feel valued, which in turn boosts productivity.

Offer Health-Related Benefits

The pandemic has caused many people to fixate on their health, so providing health-related benefits to your personnel is sure to increase your company’s attractiveness during recruitment. Compelling benefits to consider include access to telemedicine services, online therapy sessions, online fitness classes, paid sick leave, and childcare assistance.

Focus on Opportunities for Growth

Helping potential employees see the value of looking ahead to long-term stability and growth will aid your recruitment efforts. Unemployment benefits will dissipate, COVID-19 will be brought under control, and life will go on. Point out that beyond their immediate starting positions, employees at your company have opportunities for career advancement.

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