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Online Marketing is a Must in Today’s World!

“What can you do for my business?” is a common question that digital marketers hear. The answer is, “Quite a lot.” Using a fictional restaurant based in Grass Valley named Pho Land as an example, this post looks at all the ways our Grass Valley marketing efforts could help Pho Land—and by extension, any business—thrive.

Increased Customer Awareness

With digital marketing, more customers will become aware the Pho Land exists. Rather than relying on foot traffic to spot the restaurant and word of mouth to spread awareness of it, the restaurant will be able to appear in search results and in paid online advertisements—or both, depending on the strategy. As Google’s page on the topic puts it, internet users are “just waiting to discover your brand.” Online marketing efforts help them do so.

Local Targeting

With digital marketing, it is possible to narrow your audience down to the people who are most likely to buy something from your business. For instance, in the case of Pho Land, online marketing efforts could target only customers who are likely to patronize the restaurant—that is, people who live close enough and have shown an interest in pho restaurants.

A Better Website

Building better websites is another part of a solid marketing plan. Excellent Grass Valley website design could help Pho Land stand out to local customers by making the restaurant easy to contact, order from, and physically find for takeout or dine-in service. As an added bonus, a sleek, useful website will cause Pho Land—or any business—to look more credible as a business.

Customer Interaction

Building an online presence through digital marketing plays a critical role in customer-business interactions. In the case of Pho Land, the restaurant can post contact details on its well-designed website, making it easy for customers to ask questions or resolve problems with orders. Social media—which is part of many marketing efforts—provides an opportunity to do the same. Having someone regularly engage with your customers provides great value to the business.


While Pho Land would start with this location, the same techniques can be transported and intensified as the business expands. For instance, the same Grass Valley marketing services that work for the Grass Valley location can be modified to work in another city, should Pho Land open a new branch there.

Looking for Expert Grass Valley Marketing Services?

No marketing effort is complete without a great website. If your business needs a new one or upgrades to its current one, contact 49er Online Marketing. We can also offer our expert online marketing skills. We serve businesses of all sizes, and we’d love to do the same for yours!

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