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What Makes a Business Succeed through Trying Times?

Let’s be honest. Being a business owner is TOUGH these days. The landscape of how we do business has changed so much and with the shut downs and re-openings, business owners have had to jump through a lot of hoops just to BE open. The restrictions and new guidelines have cost business owners a lot of money and the stress of owning a business is higher than ever. Yet, some businesses ARE surviving, some even thriving! What do these business owners have in common? Let’s take a look. 


This may be the most important trait. This means “ persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”  We live in a world of instant gratification and tend to want things NOW. While it is great when we see instant returns on our investments wether it be time or money, that is not always how things go. Being able to dig deep inside yourself, remember the vision of why you started your business, and push through tough times is KEY to your long term success. If you can hone your level of tenacity, you have a great shot at being a long standing business in your community. 


Being able to adjust to new and changing conditions is another key trait that is necessary to have a business that will get through the pandemic. When rules and regulations change, your business will have to change with them to stay afloat. 


One of the best ways to take your business from “getting by” to flourishing is to get creative. The businesses that are doing well right now are businesses that have adapted with creative solutions to the challenges in front of them. We have all seen examples of this in our downtown areas that have shut down the streets to allow businesses to set up outdoor dining or drive up areas for pick up of items whether it be food or items purchased from stores. These are examples of business owners and city folks getting CREATIVE about how to work together to ensure success. 

Positive Attitude

It may sound trite, but our attitudes really make a difference. Not only to the experience of our days, but also the outcome of what we are up to. While there may be a lot of “negative” stuff going on around us that we cannot control, one thing we DO have control of is how we respond to what’s going on. Do whatever you need to do to keep your attitude and thoughts positive so that you are bringing good energy to what you are up to. If you are struggling with this (many are), then get the support you need to get back on track. That could be an online course, detaching from all the negative input for a spell, talking to your coach, spending some time meditating.. There are a lot of ways to tune yourself to look for and create positivity. 

This Too Shall Pass

This is important to remember in challenging times. While the pandemic is something that is not passing quickly, our current circumstances WILL pass. Nothing lasts forever and as we learn more and a vaccine is on the horizon, even if things continue to change, they WILL change and we won’t be stuck like this forever. When going through darker times in life, just remembering that nothing is permanent can help us breathe and look to a brighter future. 

Review Your Marketing and Business Strategies

The rest of what we have covered are attitudes and traits that will support you in surviving and thriving through this pandemic. This is more a nuts and bolts piece of the puzzle. Are your business and marketing strategies up to par with how different people are able to and feel comfortable shopping for goods and services these days? Are you offering enough options to carry your business through and get to every customer how they feel comfortable shopping? Do you have a proper online presence that shares the weekly changes and offerings of your business? Are you taking advantage of online marketing and how many online advertising opportunities there are to get in front of all those people sitting on their phones and computers all day? Can your website keep up with online ordering and give options to those that want social distance?

Get Some Support with Grass Valley Marketing Services

While business has changed, there are actually MORE opportunities to get in front of people and be seen digitally than ever before. If you need a new or updated website, we are experts in Grass Valley website design. If you need more of an online presence to share what your business offers and increase your revenue, we also offer Nevada City digital marketing support. Give us a call today and we can discuss how we can help you ensure your business thrives through this pandemic.

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