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How We Do Business Sure Has Changed

As businesses open back up again in California and Nevada County, there seem to be mixed feelings about how and when that should happen. Is it too early to open for public health reasons? Is it too late to open to recover from the economic impact for some? But one thing is certain, business is not business as usual.

With new social distancing guidelines, most businesses are not able to operate at full capacity. Less people are allowed in Grass Valley clothing stores, Nevada County restaurants have been operating at as little as half capacity to be allowed to open. And now, most are back to take-out only unless they have patio seating. Intense cleaning and disinfecting procedures for local grocery stores, masks required for employees, and toss away menus in Penn Valley restaurants for example, are costing businesses extra money. And that just names a few of the guidelines everyone received to open… 

One thing we have seen is that businesses are readily complying with new guidelines they received in order to open again and get their employees back to work. Nevada County has a STRONG community foundation. Residents support local businesses and local business’s support each other. 

Even as our local businesses open up, many are still uncomfortable going out in public in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are afraid of getting sick. This is requiring businesses to adapt and build or update their website to offer online ordering options and curbside pickup options. This area has not had a large focus on online options and online marketing efforts and that is starting to matter more than ever before to keep up with the ever changing face of business in 2020. 

We keep hearing that “We are all in this together”. We truly are. We here at 49er Online Marketing have been impressed and inspired by all of the changes that business owners have adapted to and how hard people are willing to work to stay working and the creativity that has displayed these past few months. 

Do You Need to Beef Up Your Nevada City Digital Marketing Efforts?

If your business needs a Grass Valley website design or would like some help with your Nevada City digital marketing efforts, give us a call. We would love to help you succeed through these challenging times.

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