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Nevada County Poised to Enter Phase 2

Businesses are receiving instructions on steps to enter Phase 2 of reopening California. As the state of California goes through the process of reopening step by step, we will all have new things to think about in how we operate personally and in our businesses. Things will not be “going back to normal” anytime soon. Likely, until there is a vaccine for COVID-19, we will have many changes to how we operate in our lives and work. 

Social distancing is going to be around for awhile. That recommended 6 feet distance between people will be something we will be following around town and in our restaurants and businesses for months to come. It will affect how we are able to function and run our businesses. 

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of face masks and gloves will also be something we will all be incorporating in our lives and businesses in order to continue moving forward through the phases of opening back up our beautiful state. There will continue to be more focus than ever before on washing our hands and the use of hand sanitizer to keep the virus at bay.

After weeks of staying at home, most are excited at the prospect of the coming steps through the phases. There are a lot of questions on people’s minds, guidelines have and will continue to shift week to week, and at times day to day. Checking in with our state’s COVID-19 Response website is a good idea. You can find much more information here:

We know Nevada County is ready to get back to work and getting outdoors to enjoy our lovely area! As we reopen, there will be a need for more PPE for personal and business use. Our community has always had a great focus on “buying local” to support our local business owners. We will list a few places below where you can find masks locally so we can continue to support our community in thriving through this crisis. It is also worth noting that South Fork Vodka is making hand sanitizer and is available at quite a few local stores including Hills Flat and The Bottle Shop in Grass Valley. 

Shop Local for PPE

The 2 women listed below come highly recommended on our very own Nevada County Peeps:

Gaylene Miller is offering handmade cloth masks. She has paired with M3 Mall in Grass Valley. You can find more information here:  OR 

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Gwen Fackrell also makes handmade cloth masks. You can find her on Facebook by clicking the link and messaging her or text her at 530-218-2023: 

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The following stores are also offering masks if you want to stop in:

Paulette’s Country Kitchen, Grass Valley

Dokimo’s Pharmacy, Grass Valley

(This is not a complete list of who is offering these items. We are simply featuring a few of our locals you can support.)

Does Your Business Need Web Design or Digital Marketing Support? 

If you are a local business owner who is looking for an updated website or digital marketing support to help you get through these challenging times successfully, please give us a call. We offer Nevada City web design services, Grass Valley SEO services and digital marketing services to Gold Country. Hang in there everyone! We will all get through this together. 

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