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Why Is Everyone Handling the Pandemic Differently?

We were having a discussion amongst our team this week about the protocols for going out in public during this pandemic. Why are some people following the guidelines and some people are not? Are they still suggestions or do people “have to”? And why is it so different county to county and even store to store? 

Here are a few examples our team were discussing: 

In Nevada County, when heading into the local Safeway store this week in Grass Valley, the aisles were down to one lane and one direction and all the employees were wearing masks and seemed to be taking social distancing very seriously. About ¾ of the patrons of the store were also wearing masks and everyone was staying 6 feet apart. The experience at Raley’s in Grass Valley was much more relaxed. The lanes are wider so that might be why they are not down to one lane and most of the patrons had masks on. The employees were all wearing personal protective equipment. 

When heading over to a local hardware store, it felt like the new local hangout. People were hanging around socializing and not following social distancing guidelines of 6 feet apart and most were not wearing masks. It has been left up to the employees whether they want to wear protective gear or not and there are sneeze protectors up in front of all the registers. 

Head into the local liquor stores like The Bottle Shop in Grass Valley and the employees are wearing masks at this point with sneeze protectors up and all have gloves on. During the trips down to that local convenience store, about 25% of patrons were wearing any protective gear. Hand sanitizer is on the counter provided by the local company South Fork Vodka.

Some areas of the US are enforcing the guidelines with citations while most are saying they will not be enforcing the guidelines yet are asking that people have to follow them. The Governor has said they will not expect law enforcement to enforce the masks guideline, he has asked that stores enforce it. No one on our team has seen a store enforce the rules with patrons. I think we all know that some people need a fear of consequence to follow rules while others follow due to their own personal integrity. With such conflicting information on enforcement, it is easy to see why everyone is doing things differently. 

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We here at 49er want everyone to stay safe during this pandemic! We encourage everyone to wear masks and gloves when necessary and keep washing those hands so that we can get back to normal as quickly as possible. We know that many businesses are struggling right now and are ready to get back to work as usual. If you have a business that is still open and would like help getting the word out, give us a call! We offer Grass Valley web design and Grass Valley marketing services to the beautiful Gold Country area. We would love to help you get more customers coming in to keep your business afloat and successful. 

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