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Tips for Working with Your Website Designers

The days in which a business can get away without a high-quality website have come and gone. As the entrepreneur Neil Patel puts it, your business’s image is indelibly linked to how people perceive its website: A shoddy website can make your business appear shoddy, while a good one will attract more and more customers. Here are some tips that will help you work with your website designers

Elements of a Good Website

There are many different elements that good websites have in common. For starters, they are well organized. Customers need to have an easy time finding what they are looking for, whether that be contact information, product details, their virtual shopping cart, or something else. A customer who wants to get in touch but can’t find your business’s contact details will likely move on to a competitor, and one who wants to buy something but can’t figure out the checkout process will do the same.

To be effective, a website also needs to take into account the different platforms through which users access the site. Website designers spend a lot of time making sure that pages look great on desktop, mobile, and tablet screens. Multi-platform functionality is vital; for instance, a website that does not perform well on mobile will disappoint a huge number of people, as over half of web traffic comes from mobile users, per

Effective websites also help businesses attract local customers. For example, one goal of Grass Valley web design is to make a given business show up in search results when customers search for terms related to that business’s specialization and geographic area. 

Finally, good websites present a unified front for businesses. Well-polished content, consistent branding, and links to your business’s social media pages can contribute to a seamless, impressive customer experience.

Are You Ready for Grass Valley Website Design?

If you’re ready to invest in a website worthy of your business, then 49er Online Marketing is here to help. We offer Grass Valley website design, SEO services, online marketing packages, and more. To get the process started or to learn more, give us a call at 530-423-6279 or send us a note through our contact page. You’ll quickly be in touch with one of our marketers or website builders, who are excited to hear about your business!


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