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Tips From a Nevada City Online Marketing Expert

Good marketing is one of those things that only looks easy. A good marketing strategy is well thought out and executed over time. There is lots of advice available on what to do in your marketing and it can be confusing to dig through. While there are many effective strategies out there, there are also a list of “don’t do’s” that can be helpful to know. These tips from a Nevada City online marketing expert will highlight what you should be avoiding in the world of marketing your business and products. 

Things to Avoid in Marketing:

Focusing Only On Sales

It’s great to highlight your products and sales you are having. This can bring in interest and income, but can also make your audience weary of seeing your advertising and marketing efforts. Sharing valuable content with your customers is important. Offer tips and insights that relate to your customer base and they will find value in staying in tune with your business over time.

Marketing Content that is Not Valuable to Your Customer Base (Fluff)

As stated above, it is important to engage your audience with other content that just sales information. It is equally important to make sure you are offering content that matters to your audience. Posting irrelevant content is valueless and people see right through it. You want to gain your audience’s trust that you care about them. So, care about them and share information that brings value to their life.

Focusing Your Efforts On One Medium

Remember the days of direct mail? When that was going on, people were bombarded with postcards because that’s what was working at the time. Times have changed and SO much of our customer base in online these days that many focus only on online marketing, but not all of them are. Considering all of your audience is important and how they receive information. Use a mix of delivery options for your marketing and sales material and you will continue to engage a wider audience. 

Not Following Through On Your Plan

Coming up with a good strategy and marketing plan takes creativity, time and effort. The brainstorming phase can be very exciting and follow through takes discipline. A step by step plan is imperative and follow through is key not only to gaining the best possible results, it also allows you to measure your results for optimizing future campaigns. 

Avoiding the mistakes above will greatly support you in being effective at marketing and sales for your business. 

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