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Why Consider Upgrading Your Web Design?

Did you know that up to 88 percent of consumers research a company and its products or services online before initiating contact? This is the first stage of the buy cycle in the Internet era. You’re potentially missing out on a huge amount of traffic if your business doesn’t have a website yet, some of whom you could reasonably expect to turn into customers. Additionally, consumers may view companies that don’t pursue digital marketing by at least having a website presence as not a serious contender for their business.

Your Business Websites is the Home Base of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Maybe you haven’t yet invested in web design because your company has a large social media presence or participates often in pay-per-click campaigns and you think that is enough. However, it’s really only the beginning. Even if you have a social media post that goes viral, where do you send customers to learn more about your business?

You can see from the above statistic that the majority of consumers prefer to conduct their own research rather than making a phone call. Having a website also saves you time from having to answer the same questions repeatedly by phone from people who are very early in the buy cycle. By the time potential customers do request more information via phone or email, they will be much more invested in following through with a purchase than when they are just seeking information for curiosity purposes.

Content Marketing and the Importance of a Business Website

Blog posts, videos, eBooks, and product reviews are just some examples of content that can direct people to want to learn more about your company’s products and services. Promoting this content is known as content marketing. The goal with content marketing is to provide information of legitimate value to a consumer with no cost or obligation involved. This helps people begin to see your company as an authority in the industry and a place they want to go with their questions and to purchase what they need.

Investing in web design is also essential if you plan to run any email campaigns. For example, a customer might come to your website to sign up for notifications of new blog posts or to receive a link to download a buying guide for a product he or she is considering. Having a website also enables you to keep better track of communication requests from customers.

We are a Nevada City Web Design Company Available to Assist You

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