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How To Increase Traffic To Your Business Online Through Social Media

Social media provides a powerful method to raise your brand profile through simple online marketing tactics. Consider these tips to increase traffic and activity between your social media pages and your website:

Use social icons on your website pages.

This creates a simple pathway between your website pages and social channels, enticing visitors to check out your additional content. The more ways you connect with each visitor or social follower, the deeper your relationship and involvement–the more inroads you have to reach (and stay in contact with) these prospective or existing customers. This makes it more likely they will see your latest content, receive your messages, become followers on social media, revisit your content, and buy from you in the future.

Be explicit.

With the multiple distractions and fragmented attention that occurs when most people are online, it’s best to be very direct. Let the visitor know what to do next and make it simple to do so. Use a “share” button in a prominent spot on every page.

Format content to share properly.

Make sure your content is correctly coded so that the headline and image appear as they should when shared on the various social media platforms.

Use Click-to-Tweet.

This is the ultimate example of “make it easy and they’ll do it.” You can pre-select clever, quotable sections of your content (or an image) and place a click-to-tweet sharing link right next to it. When your visitors read/see something they like, they can post it on Twitter with just a quick click.

Turn on comments.

Not only can you learn a lot from comments visitors/followers leave on your social media, but you can also develop an even closer relationship with these prospects. You can interact with your followers, ask and answer questions, and find out what they think about your latest project to help refine your products/services and your digital marketing strategy. (Use a spam filter to keep nonsense comments off your page.)

Post fresh content.

To make any of these tactics work, you must have regularly updated content that’s worth sharing. Your content needs to make the sharer look good so that they’re motivated to share. Uninspired, off-topic or stale content won’t work for you in the long run. Popular CMS platforms, like WordPress, have plug-ins to help you accomplish many of the above tips.

Is your online marketing strategy built to help your business thrive?

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