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Boost Your Business With Social Media

Social media is an addiction for many, and for good reason. Social media helps people keep up-to-the-minute with other people, and with issues they care about. Facebook, Instagram and other channels can function like (or as a modern substitute for) the office “watercooler”, spurring conversation with work colleagues, or like the college quad, where students hang out, have fun and bond. Get some online presence advice from our social media gurus and website designers based in Grass Valley, California.

You can also see social media channels as a village square, where groups of people interact, share information, and build relationships with one another–and with brands. How can you not be there? Bottom line: your business can only thrive–and realize its potential–if you maintain a well-managed, engaging and up-to-date social media presence.

Taking the Right Steps on Social Media

Not just any type of social media effort will work, of course. It’s essential to create vibrant and relevant social media pages, promo campaigns and ads, well integrated with your brand image and website design. This continuity helps users begin to recognize, feel comfortable with, and become attracted to, your brand. If participating in social media seems daunting, getting some expert assistance is well worthwhile. Here’s where we will discuss just some of the reasons your online identity benefits from social media support.

Essentials for Growing Your Business: Using Social Media to Thrive

Relevant, on-target social media should be one of the pillars of your business. It’s one of the best ways to:

  1. Find new customers: Social media is an important amplifier and extension of your website and brand online.
  2. Keep existing customers energized: Customers who learn more about your brand, enjoy interacting with you, get special offers and find problem-solving products/services on your social media become loyal customers.
  3. Raise your brand profile: You can get more brand exposure through social media than you would with a website and brick-and-mortar presence alone–and you can precisely target your campaigns. This makes social media extremely effective (and essential) as a business growth tool.
  4. Introduce new products or services: People publicly declare their interests and opinions on social media, either explicitly through comments or through their actions/traffic. Social media followers can act as a free sounding board or focus group for new services/products, helping you to make smart business decisions and product refinements.
  5. Learn what customers really want and need: This knowledge is powerful, allowing you to create new products/services to meet the most pressing needs at just the right time. Products that solve problems sell, so great social media management pays, literally.
  6. Track what works: Social media platforms offer detailed analytics that helps you focus your marketing time and dollars wisely.
  7. Fuel business success and growth: Sitting out social media can cripple your business and leave you sidelined, with an active potential audience ignored and their buying power wasted. You could potentially go out of business, or abandon your business due to perceived lack of interest, all because you haven’t leveraged the huge opportunity of social media participation.

Get Local Social Media and Website Design Expertise In Grass Valley

Let our experts create an exciting social media presence for your business, or sharpen up your website design, to fuel steady (or even exponential) business growth for your company. Our team of website designers and online marketing leaders will be happy to arrange a customized set of services to meet your business marketing needs and suit your budget. Contact 49er Online Marketing for personalized digital marketing and website development services, today. Click HERE to learn more.

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