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Redwood Christian Private School Web Design

Our private school web design client had this to say:

“We needed a more user-friendly yet attractive look that can highlight our constituents, be a resource to our various audiences, and reinforce the sense of pride we feel for our school,” said Teresa Hendren, Director of Marketing for Redwood Christian Schools. “We have a huge and diverse community of whom we want to connect through our site. Plus, the new website will give us many more options for running and optimizing SEO programming.”


After many years since their last website redesign and a huge amount of content that had accumulated over that time rebuilding the private school website was a significant project and required careful planning and execution.

We were able to maintain access to important documents, historical news and event information, and improve ease of navigation, access to resources, and overall user experience and functionality of the website. The new website includes a calendar which is automatically updated via their Google calendar and allows parents, teachers, and students to find all the information they need about upcoming events in one place.

It was very important for Redwood Christian Schools to have an effective, attractive website that makes it easy to find information for new and prospective parents in order to improve their online marketing effectiveness.

Public or Private School Website Design or Redesign

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