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City, County, Municipal, Fire, Police Office Department

Needs: FFPD’s board of directors and general manager are enhancing FFPD community outreach, communications, engagement, collaboration, and partnerships; their new website facilitates these goals as well as to fulfill many requirements established by the California Special Districts Association for a District Transparency Certificate of Excellence.

Most importantly for their district, FFPD’s new WordPress website is visually appealing, and provides an easy to navigate, and mobile responsive user experience to the community that they serve.

In addition: To providing a wealth of content and resources related to the FFPD, the new mobile friendly website bolsters an entire “Community Resources” section for local residents to find current relevant information related to emergency services and disaster preparation. Fairview and Five Canyons residents can view an event calendar that clearly lists all present and past Board of Director meetings complete with agendas and minutes for ease of reference. A “Contact” page is also provided for questions and feedback.

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